I released an article today responding to James Lucas’s recent piece in the American Thinker. In my article, I outline the practical, realistic steps necessary to call a Convention of States. I explain that with a strong grassroots network and unity among state legislatures, calling a Convention of States is entirely possible.

“A realistic plan looks like this. There are 4000 state legislative house districts in the 40 states most likely to support a convention. If we build a grassroots organization in 75% of those districts, we can put significant pressure on the members of the state legislatures to pass a resolution calling for a Convention of States. That grassroots organization needs just one captain in each of these 3000 districts and a minimum of 100 voters who will contact their state legislators to support a convention for the purpose of limiting the power of Washington, D.C. We know we can reach these numbers. We know we can build this network of citizens.”

“The… bottom line is this: if we don’t use the power of the states found in Article V, we may lose liberty forever.

If you don’t want to help, fine. Sit on the sidelines and watch.  But I would respectfully suggest that we have both a short window and a great deal of momentum for one idea. Call a Convention of States. Stop the abuse of power by Washington, D.C. Save liberty for ourselves and our posterity.”

You can read the entire article over at American Thinker, here.

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