We are searching for excited individuals who are ready to rally the troops in their state and get involved in our quickly growing nationwide effort to call a convention of the states. Those in leadership roles will be instrumental in speaking at public events, raising awareness and educating the public, and coordinating volunteers in their state to stand behind supportive State Representatives. To start, these leadership opportunities are completely on a volunteer basis, but as COS project grows, may have opportunity to be paid positions. This is a movement of we the people. Ready to take a stand for Liberty?

Looking forward to working with you!  ~Laura Fennig (laurafennig@selfgovern.com)

The objective: to develop a grassroots movement across the country to support and encourage state legislators to call a convention of the states.  The plan is to recruit 100+ volunteers in at least 75% of the state legislative districts of a state to support the objective.  (See more here.)

State Director (one per state)
Acts as a liaison between statewide volunteers and the COS national headquarters. Responsibilities include…

  • Report to HQ.
  • Recruit District Captains and volunteers in your state.
  • Mobilize volunteer effort in partnership with the District Coordinators.
  • Respond to correspondence in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate efforts across the state with State Legislative Liaison, and the District Captains. (See below for their job descriptions)
  • Speak at events to raise support and rally efforts across the state.
  • Expected commitment level: 8 – 10 hours per week and some statewide travel.


District Captains (one per legislative district)

  • Will be proactive in raising grassroots support. Responsibilities include…
  • Report to your State Director.
  • Recruit 100 + volunteers in your district by having them sign up on our website.
  • Act as a point person for volunteers in your district, coordinating volunteer teams. (See descriptions on the Non Leadership Positions tab.)
  • Respond to calls/emails in a timely manner.
  • Educate your district about Article V and Convention of States.
  • Expected commitment level: 15 – 20 hours per month and local travel.


Legislative Liaison (one per state)

  • Is strategically located close to their state capitol and will actively lobby among State Legislators. Responsibilities include…
  • Build relationships with state legislators and encourage their support to pass a request for an Article V convention.
  • Connect representatives who support the cause with volunteers and grassroots support.
  • Report progress to your State Director. We want to hear about success and failure and help you along the way. It is important that we know exactly where each of the legislative members stand on the issue so that we can support them and recruit those who are undecided.
  • Respond to all correspondence in a timely manner.
  • Expected commitment level: 15 – 20 hours per month and some travel.


Coalitions Director (one per state)

  • Works to build favorable relationships with statewide and local organizations for the purpose of gaining their support in the movement. Responsibilities include…
  • Network with state-level and local organizations which would be willing to further the COS cause.
  • Represent Convention of States at events and host educational presentations.
  • Respond to all correspondence in a timely manner.
  • Report progress to State Director
  • Expected commitment level: 15 – 20 hours per month and some travel.

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