District Captains are the main force of the COS Project’s team structure. Most states have over 100 legislative house districts, and we need District Captains in all of these districts. Working under the guidance of a State Director, District Captains offer a few hours a week to work with local volunteers, attend meetings, spread the message, and contact their legislators. Almost any committed, competent person with a few extra hours could be a good District Captain.

State representatives and senators have small enough districts that even one or two people presenting a message are worth listening to, so in many states we are seeing big results from only a handful of volunteers. As our District Captains expand their local teams, they will have a powerful voice.

We need more people who are willing to help pioneer the COS movement. We want you on the team. We need leaders at all levels, particularly as local District Captains.

In other words, volunteer! Under the “Take Action” tab you can choose either a leadership position or a non leadership position. If you think the Convention of States Project is worth pursuing and have a few hours free each week, we have many open leadership positions. If you like the COS Project but you don’t want to make a big commitment, just apply for a non-leadership position. Either way, we need Americans from all walks of life across the USA to participate.

Apply, and spread the word!

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