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In today's politics "honesty is a lie told neatly"

We say this all the time, but it's worth repeating: we have the best supporters in the nation. Daniel Moran of Wisconsin penned the letter to the editor you can read below. It does an excellent job outlining the problem in today's political system and what American citizens can do about it.

We have reached a point in American politics where decency means not getting caught. Integrity is something you pay for. Honesty is a lie told neatly. And respect is afforded only to those who cheat and steal from the same government fund as you do.

Politicians are bought and sold as they, too, buy and steal from the taxpayer. No one is guiltless in the matter.

It’s all about the money. We are now $20 trillion in debt. Congress has raided $3 trillion from the Social Security fund. Trillions more have been spent on the Middle East, only for it to be further ravaged by war.

The Founders of our country understood the level of corruption that comes with political power. In this respect they deemed it necessary to allow a convention of states with the power to amend the Constitution. If elected officials don't have the will to restrain the madness, we the people must step up to the challenge.

Citizens for Self-Governance has started the Convention of States Project to urge state legislators to call a convention of states. To get involved visit

Read Daniel's letter in its original form here.