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GOP wins big in state legislatures

Last week we told you it would take some time to get a clear picture of the state legislatures after the midterm elections. We have that picture now, and it looks good for the Republican party. Here's a quick summary:

  • Before the election, the GOP controlled 59 of 98 partisan legislative chambers across the country. They flipped 10 of those chambers during the election, now controlling 69 of 98 legislative chambers.
  • The Republicans control both houses in 30 states (+3).
  • The Democrats control both houses in 11 states (-6).
  • The parties have split control in 8 states (+3). (Nebraska is unicameral and nonpartisan.)

Obviously, these numbers deeply affect the Convention of States movement -- exactly how will become clearer as the legislatures begin to meet

Remember, it only requires 34 states to call a Convention, and 38 states to ratify any proposed amendments. If Republicans in the state legislatures continue to support the Article V option, these election results could significantly expedite our efforts to turn a Convention of States into a reality.