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Glenn Beck: Scalia supported a Convention of States

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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made clear his thoughts on Article V of the U.S. Constitution:

The Founders inserted an alternative method of obtaining constitutional amendments because they knew that Congress would be unwilling to have attention to the many issues people are concerned with, particularly those involving restrictions on the federal government’s own power.

I do not have any great fear of an open convention since three-quarters of the states have to ratify what comes out of it.

The Founders realized the government would have difficulty regulating itself, particularly if it became corrupted. They added Article V as a way for the people to contain an out-of-control government.

“They said, Wait. Wait. Wait. We’ve given all the power to the government to check itself. But what happens if everyone in the government goes bad? We’ve got to give the power to the people to be able to check them. That’s Article V. Get involved.,” Glenn said Thursday on his radio program.

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