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Attention COS patriots: Georgia needs your help!  Tomorrow, January 24, at 9:30am the state senate Rules Committee will hold a hearing to discuss the COS application.  This is a huge step towards passing the application in Georgia, and we need to show the committee we mean business.

So here’s what you can do:

If you live in Georgia, go to the meeting!  It will be held at the Georgia State Capitol in hearing room #450.  We need to pack the room so the senators know how many Georgians support a Convention of States.

If you can’t make it to Atlanta, you can still help.  Send an email voicing your support to  You can type your own or simply use the sample letter below:


My name is [Your Name], and I support the Georgia State Senate resolution (SR 736) to apply for a Convention of States.

A Convention of States is the last, best chance to curb the abuses of the federal government and force Congress to be fiscally responsible.  The Founder’s included the Convention of States option in Article V for precisely the situation in which we find ourselves today.  It’s our responsibility to use the tool the Founders gave us to limit the federal government’s power and jurisdiction.

Georgia was the fourth state to ratify the Constitution—I want Georgia to be the first state to save it.


[Your Name]

We’ll give your letters to our team in Georgia, and they’ll print them out and bring them to the hearing.  We want a huge stack of letters, so get yours in ASAP.

Don’t live in Georgia but want to help? No problem.  You can still send us your letters voicing your support for the Georgia resolution.  With letters from folks across the country, we can show the Georgia state senators this movement has nationwide support!

Sending an email takes five minutes, but those five minutes will bring us one step closer to preserving liberty in our country. Thanks for standing with us!

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