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Freedom for Illinois

Freedom isn’t partisan.

Americans residing in Democrat-controlled Illinois are speaking up in support of the Convention of States Project. We regularly hear from legislators who tell us that if they hear from five constituents on a single issue, it rises to the top of their priority list.

Vickie Deppe, IL Legislative Liaison, encouraged local supporters to contact legislators in support of Convention of States legislation. Last week, she followed up her request with a visit to the state capital for private meetings with legislators.

She was moved when one democrat member of the house informed her that he is a populist, and he largely supports our desire to return decision-making power to the people. Democrats and Republicans alike support the desire to limit the power of the federal government and return power where it rightfully belongs.

Will you help our team secure these meaningful private meetings? You can pave the way and help open doors for our Legislative Liaisons by signing the petition and contacting your state legislators.

Vickie can tell you, it makes all the difference.