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Great news!  Thanks to your calls and letters, the Florida Judiciary Committee passed the COS application earlier this morning.

The vote was a bipartisan 7-2.  You can watch the video or listen to the audio here.  You can also email and call members of the committee by referencing our previous blog post.

Here’s how everyone voted.

In Favor:

  • Sen. Lee
  • Sen. Soto
  • Sen. Bradley
  • Sen. Gardiner
  • Sen. Latvala
  • Sen. Richter
  • Sen. Thrasher



  • Sen. Ring
  • Sen. Joyner


Congratulations to our team in Florida for a job well done.  And thanks to our team across the country for lending their support at a critical moment.

We’re one step closer to preserving liberty in our country.

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