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Calling all Floridians!  The Florida Senate Judiciary Committee will be voting on the COS application (SM 0476) tomorrow at 10:00am EST in 110 Senate Office Building (the Tony Jennings Committee Room) in Tallahassee.  You can do two things to help:

1. Attend the meeting!  If you can make it, we’d love to pack the house.

2. Email or call the committee members below.  It’s easy!  When you click “Email” you’ll be brought to a page with a blue button that says, “Email this Senator.”  You can send an email by copying and pasting the sample email below.

Hello Sen. [Senator’s Last Name],

My name is [Your Name], and I support SM 0476 to apply for a Convention of States.

A Convention of States is the last, best chance to curb the abuses of the federal government and force Congress to be fiscally responsible.  The Founder’s included the Convention of States option in Article V for precisely the situation in which we find ourselves today.  It’s our responsibility to use the tool the Founders gave us to limit the federal government’s power and jurisdiction.

Please vote in favor of SM 0476 so we can preserve liberty for generations to come.


[Your Name]

Sen. Tom Lee – Email, (850) 487-5024

Sen. Darren Soto – Email, (407) 846-5187

Sen. Rob Bradley – Email, (904) 278-2085

Sen. Andy Gardiner – Email, (407) 428-5800

Sen. Arthenia L. Joyner – Email, (813) 233-4277

Sen. Jack Latvala – Email, (727) 793-2797

Sen. Garrett Richter – Email, (239) 417-6205

Sen. Jeremy Ring – Email, (954) 917-1392

Sen. John Thrasher – Email, (904) 287-4222

Your call or email could be the deciding factor for one of these senators.  By making a call today, you could preserve liberty for tomorrow.

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