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March is the final month to enter the Convention of States Project Scholarship Contest!  Submit your video or graphic between March 1 and March 31 for the chance to win $250 and be eligible to participate in the final $7,500 contest in April (or $10,000 if you choose to attend Patrick Henry College).

We’ve received some great entries in our first two months of competition, and you can view them all on our new Winners page.

We know everyone’s anxious to hear the genre of the month for March, so here it is: None.  

That’s right.  This month were not restricting you to a particular genre.  You can be funny, dramatic, historical, silly, outrageous, or serious.  You can film a documentary, a tragedy, or a comedy.  As long as you meet the entry requirements, you can represent the Convention of States Project however you want.  Just don’t be one thing—boring!  Flex your creative muscles and wow us with your artistic talent.

The COS Project Scholarship Contest gives you a chance to earn money for school and help preserve liberty in America.  We’ve received some fantastic submissions already, but we know there are thousands of talented young people across the country.  We look forward to seeing your submissions.

Remember: this is your last month to enter the contest.  April’s contest is reserved for the Viral Award winners from the previous three months, so get your entry in on March 1!

To submit your video or graphic and read all the rules (which you should probably do),  click here.

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