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Feds take aim at Pizza Hut

The regulatory behemoth in D.C. has turned its sights on the pizza industry. An FDA rule under Obamacare would require restaurants with more than 20 locations to post calorie counts for every item on their menu board, including every potential combination of pizza topping. One Domino’s franchise owner in Missouri guessed it would cost him $5,000 to build the boards.

The pizza industry is fighting back, of course, but Americans are tired of high-handed, one-size-fits-all regulations from federal bureaucracies. Some amount of regulation is necessary to protect consumers, but those regulations should come from the local level, where regulations can be tweaked to fit a specific location’s needs.

This is the heart of self-governance, and this is what the Convention of States Project is fighting to restore. By proposing constitutional amendments that take power away from the national level and move it back to the local level, a Convention of States can restore the ability of Americans to make laws for their own state and community.

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