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Feds forcing employers to pull the plug on millions of health plans

What happens when the federal government meddles in the private sector? The law of unintended consequences wrecks the lives of millions of American citizens.

The Congressional Budget Office projects 4 to 9 million workers will leave employer-sponsored health plans over the next decade because of ObamaCare. Some will opt to go on Medicaid, but others will be kicked off their company plans by employers who decide not to offer coverage anymore.

Fox News reports:

"As a result of the ACA, between 4 million and 9 million fewer people are projected to have employment-based coverage each year from 2017 through 2026 than would have had such coverage if the ACA had never been enacted,” the report, released Thursday, said.

Employers now cover some 155 million people, about 57 percent of those under 65. That's expected to decline to 152 million people in 2019. Ten years from now, employers will be covering about 54 percent of those under 65.

CBO said part of the shrinkage is attributable to the health care law: some workers may qualify for Medicaid, which is virtually free to them, and certain employers may decide not to offer coverage because a government-subsidized alternative is available. 

Larger employers would face fines if they take that route. 

But the agency also noted that employer coverage had been declining due to rising medical costs well before the health care law was passed, and that the trend continues. 

Common sense suggests that decisions are best made as close to home as possible. In the case of healthcare, that means American citizens decide; in the case of employer-sponsored health care, that means employers decide. But when the federal government decides, they inevitably make the wrong decision for millions upon millions of Americans.

A Convention of States can force the feds out. By proposing constitutional amendments that limit the jurisdiction of the federal government, delegates at a Convention of States can keep the federal government where it belongs: out of state and individual business. Thousands have joined the movement, and thousands more are joining every month.