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Federal land grab in Texas

Ken Aderholt’s family has been running cattle on his ranch in Texas since 1941, News Channel 6 reported last week. The land was handed down to him, and he hopes to one day hand it down to his two sons.

Now the Federal Bureau of Land Management is threatening to seize it, saying Texas should never have produced a deed to that land in the first place. The BLM haven’t said what they plan to do with the seized land -- just that it’s theirs and they may take it.

"It is a land grab," Aderholt emphasized. "As far as I am concerned, this is private property."

Is this what our country has become? It sounds more like medieval England than the land of the free. Americans are tired of feeling more like subjects than citizens, and a movement is sweeping the nation to restore our God-given rights as citizens of a constitutional republic.

Article V of the Constitution allows the people -- acting through their state legislatures -- to propose and ratify constitutional amendments. These amendments can clarify the Founders’ intent by limiting the size, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government, and restoring a meaningful balance of power between the states and D.C.

Click here to learn more and here to get involved by signing the Convention of States petition.