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Excellent response to Convention of States criticism

The following was written by Convention of States supporter Spencer W. Allen. It's a great example of what you can do when you see inaccurate Article V information in your local newspaper.

The “Sunday pops” item about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal endorsing a constitutional convention stated that “once the constitutional convention genie is out of the bottle, those with less-than-conservative intentions could do grave damage to our national charter.” This is misleading on two points.

First, what Gov. Jindal and other past and current governors, senators and leading conservatives support is a convention of states for the purpose of proposing amendments — one of two paths to amending the Constitution provided by Article V. This is not a constitutional convention in scope or purpose.

Second, a convention of states is convened when two-thirds (34) of the state legislatures pass resolutions on an agreed topic or set of topics, and it is limited to considering amendments on these specified topics. The convention is controlled by the convening states in all regards and cannot become a so-called runaway convention.

Washington, D.C, is not going to reform itself. The convention of states process is the only constitutionally effective means available to do what is so essential for our nation — restoring robust federalism with genuine checks on the power of the federal government. Find out more at

Spencer W. Allen


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