The Arizona House will be voting on the Convention of States this Thursday, April 10, 2014.

Please take time to write an email to all of the representatives in Arizona.


Dear Representative,

Please consider voting for SCR 1016 to call a Convention of States. I believe this is the last, best chance to preserve liberty in this nation and force Congress to be fiscally responsible. The Founders gave the states Article V for such a time as this—it is our duty to use it.

Your vote can bring us one step closer to ensuring the preservation of liberty in this country.

[Your Name]

Below is the list of Arizona Representatives’ email addresses in two columns.  Due to limitations on most email accounts, you will need to send two separate emails.  One to the addresses in column 1, and a second email to the addresses in column 2.

Simply copy and paste each column of email addresses into the BCC field in your email. 337