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DHS spent $20 million on conferences last fiscal year

The Department of Homeland Security ran up more than $20 million in conference-related expenses in 2014, according to a recently released government audit.

The Office of Inspector General report, which looked at conferences either hosted or attended by the department or its employees from October 1, 2013, to December 31, 2014, found that the the department—which handles issues related to terrorism, border security, and cybersecurity—was involved with a total of 1,883 conferences in fiscal year 2014 that amounted to $20.3 million in expenses.

According to the General Services Administration, training, meetings, or events that include employee travel are considered conferences.

In total last year, the department hosted 490 conferences that cost $13.14 million and attended an additional 1,393 conferences at an expense of $7.16 million.

However, the department did not report all conferences required by the inspector general, giving information for only a fraction of its conference-related costs.

Records show that in FY 2014, of the 490 conferences held by the department, 428 accounted for costs of $11.6 million. Of those, 164 ran a price tag of more than $20,000 and should have been reported to the inspector general. However, the expenses of only 21 conferences that exceeded that amount—or 13 percent—were ultimately reported.

Department employees also attended 23 conferences that exceeded costs of more than $100,000. Eleven of these conferences were deemed “mission-related or for mission-critical training” and were not required to be included in its public report.

Information on conference-related costs has not been readily available on the department’s website, the audit found, despite its boasts about open government and transparency. While the department did comply with online reporting regulations, the required information was inaccessible without a direct link.

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