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There will be a crucial vote in Arizona tomorrow.  The Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility Committee will be voting on the COS Project application (HCR 2027) tomorrow at 2:00pm MST in room HHR 1 at the Arizona State Legislature in Phoenix.

If you can make to the hearing, you have a fantastic opportunity to help preserve liberty in this country.  Your presence at the hearing could be the deciding factor, so come out and speak up.

If you can’t make the hearing, you can still help!  Simply call or email the committee members below and voice your support for HCR 2027.  You can write your own email or use the sample email below:

Hello Rep. [Representative’s Last Name],

My name is [Your Name], and I support HCR 2027 to apply for a Convention of States.

A Convention of States is the last, best chance to curb the abuses of the federal government and force Congress to be fiscally responsible.  The Founder’s included the Convention of States option in Article V for precisely the situation in which we find ourselves today.  It’s our responsibility to use the tool the Founders gave us to limit the federal government’s power and jurisdiction.

Please consider voting for HCR 2027. Your vote can bring us one step closer to ensuring the preservation of liberty in this country.


[Your Name]

Lupe Chavira Contreras –, (602) 926-5284

David M. Gowan, Sr. –, (602) 926-3312

Jonathan Larkin –, (602) 926-5058

Debbi Lesko –, (602) 926-5413

Justin Olson –, (602) 926-5288

Carl Seel –, (602) 926-3018

Steve Smith –, (602) 926-5685

Bruce Wheeler –, (602) 926-3300

Thanks for all your hard work!  We’re gaining momentum every day, and it’s all thanks to our fantastic volunteers.

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