He goes by “Clatsop” on Reddit. He can’t tell you his real name because Reddit moderators prefer to use aliases. But this unnamed blogger is using his internet-browsing superpowers to spread the word about the COS Project and save the United States from an overreaching federal government! (And you thought supersonic death rays were this country’s worst nightmare…)

Reddit, for those of you unfamiliar with the site, is a social news website similar to Drudge Report. A “Subreddit” is a web page on which a “moderator” can post links to articles he thinks his subscribers will enjoy. Clatsop is a moderator for a number of Subreddits, one of which has over 26,000 subscribers. 

When Clatsop heard about the COS Project, he knew he could help. “I see this Convention of States movement as catching fire, and I wanted to help get things rolling,” he said in an email. Clatsop created a Subreddit called “Convention of States.” Here, he posts articles related to the Convention of States Project and Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments.

If you want the best and latest news and commentary on the COS Project, visit this page! Clatsop posts some great stuff even we at the COS Project haven’t heard about.

Clatsop exemplifies the American spirit. Using his unique talents and abilities, he is doing his part to preserve liberty in the country he loves. You can do the same! Whether you can write content, edit video, use InDesign, make graphics, or speak publically, we need you to donate your skills to the cause!

Let’s work together and get this thing done!

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