The Convention of States Project is pleased to announce its first ever scholarship contest!

Enter your video or graphic for a chance to win $250 in our monthly contest and be eligible to enter your creation in our final $7,500 scholarship round in April.  (Or, as we like to call it, the League of Champions round!)  

Plus, if you choose to attend Patrick Henry College, we’ll sweeten the deal—if the winning student attends PHC, he or she will receive a $10,000 scholarship!

Don’t think you can win?  Think again.  You have four chances to win every month!

Here’s what you do.


How you enter:

1.  Create a video and/or graphic design.  By “video” we mean anything captured on camera.  This can include documentaries, animated films, dramas, musicals, commercials, etc.  You can also record yourself giving a speech or reading something you wrote.  Videos can be no longer than three minutes.  By “graphic” we mean any design you might put on a shirt, a mug, a bumper sticker, a meme, etc.  As long as it’s creative, we want to see it. 

2.  Your video or graphic must include at least two of the following:

i.  Why/how a Convention of States will protect the rights of Americans by keeping the federal government from overstepping its bounds.

ii.  A charge for action, calling people to volunteer for the COS Project.

iii. The Convention of States website (

 3.  Click here to submit your entry! Simply fill out the form and upload your video or graphic.


How you win:

1. Promote your work!  Share it using Facebook or email and get as many people as you can to vote for your creation.  

2. If your video gets the most votes by the end March, you’ll be that month’s Viral Award winner.  We’ll send you a cool $250, and you’ll be eligible to participate in the League of Champions scholarship round in April!  (Free Hint: This means you should probably submit your stuff early in March!)

3. If you don’t win the Viral Award, your creation will be eligible for the Staff Choice Award!  The winner of this award will also win $250, but will not be eligible to compete in the League of Champions round.

Those are the basics! You can read the complete rules at the bottom of the page.



We know: assignments can be hard when the teacher doesn’t give you any help.  Here are some topic ideas we came up with.  Feel free to use them as the subject of your creation or just as inspiration!

- What if William Wallace had the option to call a Convention of States?  (Less blue face paint, just as much FREEEDOOOMM!!!)

- What if Queen Elizabeth I became President?  (She’d love executive orders almost as much as…)

- What if Congress had led Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition?  (Shorter, colder, less successful.)

- What if Amelia Earhart’s plane used gas as efficiently as the federal government uses money?  (“BREAKING NEWS: American hero crashes off the coast of Newfoundland, Saved by special rescue team called Convention of States.”)

- What would the current relationship between the federal and state governments look like in German barbarian tribes?  (Big clubs vs. little clubs?)

- What would Plato have to say about the state of American government today?  (*COS Staff scrambles to find their copy of The Republic*)


Rules (aka, the Nitty Gritty. You should probably read this.)

1.  Monthly contests will be held in January, February, and March. The final League of Champions round will be held in April.

2.  There are two age categories: 12-17 and 18-22. All rules (and prizes!) apply to each age group.

3.  Two prizes are available each month: the Viral Award and the Staff Choice Award.

a.  The Viral Award is given to the entry with the most votes for their video or graphic design by the end of the contest month.  We’ll send the winner of this award $250.  Winning this award also qualifies you to participate in the League of Champions round.

b.  The Staff Choice Award is chosen by the COS staff.  The winner of this award also receives $250, but does not qualify to participate in the League of Champions round.  (Note: The Viral Award winner is disqualified from winning the Staff Choice Award.  We try to spread the love.)

4.  Each contestant may submit one entry per category, per month.  (So, you can submit a video and a graphic in the same month).

a.  Video Entries:  We define a “video” as anything where stuff moves on a screen.  (We’re very strict in this regard.)  This means you can make a documentary, sketch an animated film, make a commercial, or film a drama.  You can also record yourself giving a speech or reading something you wrote (c’mon, you Wordsworths, we know you’re out there).  As long as it’s captured on video, it counts.  Creativity is encouraged.  Videos must be three minutes or less.  There is no minimum time requirement.

b.  Graphic Designs: These can be designs for posters, flyers, t-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, memes, and more. As with video entries, creativity is key.

5.  All entries must include AT LEAST two of the following:

a.  Why/how a Convention of States will protect the rights of Americans by keeping the federal government from overstepping its bounds.

b.  A charge for action, calling people to volunteer for the COS Project.

c.  The Convention of States website (

6.  Each month, COS Staff will announce that month’s contest genre.  All submissions for that month MUST adhere to the genre.

7.  One contestant may be selected for multiple Staff Choice awards, but they may only qualify one entry per category into the final League of Champions round.  (I.e., One contestant may qualify no more than one video and one graphic design into the final round.)  Thus, each contestant has the potential for two chances at the final $7,500 scholarship prize.

8.  You win the scholarship the same way you win the Viral Award: get those votes!  You use the same entry with which you won the Viral Award, and the entry with the most votes at the end of April will receive the scholarship!

Terms and Conditions
Images and videos will be accepted only from the original designer or videographer.

You must be the sole author and the owner of the copyright for all images and videos you enter.

Designers and videographers must have sufficient permission of any recognizable persons appearing in the image or video to be able to grant rights to display the submission online or in printed materials.

Contestants retain ownership of all copyrights. However, by submitting an image or video for entry in this contest, you automatically give the Citizens for Self-Governance and the Convention of States Project permission and rights to store, display, and use the image or video, its thumbnails, and your name as the photographer or videographer, indefinitely in any media without notification or compensation.

Citizens for Self-Governance and the Convention of States Project will not release the print or video files for use by others.

GENERAL: By entering, entrants agree to be bound by these Contest Rules, the Terms and Conditions on use of images and videos, and the decisions of the judges, which are final and binding on all matters. This Contest is void where prohibited and is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws.

RELEASE: By participating, entrants release Citizens for Self-Governance and the Convention of States Project and their agents, respective officers, directors, employees, from any and all liability or responsibility for any claim arising in connection with participation in the Contest or any prize awarded.

That’s it! You’re ready to go. Fire up those computers, break out those cameras, and get to work!

(If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Enter Your Video or Graphic for a Chance to Win!