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Contact your legislators in one easy step

We frequently ask our supporters to contact their state legislators in support of the Convention of States Project.

But we know that sometimes this can be difficult. Finding your legislator, finding their contact information, composing an email, and sending it can take time -- time many of us don't have.

So we thought, "There must be a better way..."

Which is why we developed the Convention of States petition tool. Simply fill in your information, sign your name, and we'll do the rest.

Our system automatically finds your state representatives and sends them your petition. No more navigating complicated government websites; no more time-intensive emails and phone calls. In less than three minutes, you can directly contact your state representatives in support of an Article V Convention of States.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to sign the Convention of States petition today!

(P.S. Be sure to enter your entire address! This is how we determine which legislator to send your petition to.)