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Check out The Palin Update!

Positive, grassroots-focused media is crucial in the fight to preserve liberty in this country. That’s why when we heard about The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla we knew we had to tell you about it.

“I started The Palin Update back in 2011 in anticipation of a possible Palin run for the White House,” said Scholla.

“I wanted Americans to have a place to go for fair coverage of Governor Palin. When she decided not to seek the presidency, I determined to keep the show going anyway. While Palin wasn't a candidate, her values and commonsense solutions weren't going anywhere. Since then, we've been going strong, promoting Sarah Palin and her call for liberty and freedom.”

Each week Scholla interviews a top guest and features compelling commentary from Tamara Colbert and Sarah Steelman.

“Just like Palin, we are huge supporters of Convention of States,” Scholla continued. “We hold the Constitution near and dear to our hearts and Mama Grizzly Radio is committed to the promotion of citizen involvement.”

We appreciate patriots like Scholla and everyone at Mama Grizzly Radio for their commitment to broadcasting the truth and promoting liberty in our country.

Click here to listen to the latest Palin Update.