Exciting Debate in Virginia

Next Thursday, August 28th, I will debate Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall (R-Prince William) about the merits of COS’s effort to rein in Washington, D.C., using the plan that the Founding Fathers gave us: Article V’s Convention of States. This free, public...

Sign the Petition to Stop the Runaway Train in D.C.

It's no secret--Washington, D.C., is out of control. To make matters worse, our elected leaders in the capital refuse to limit their own power. Fortunately, the Founders knew this might, so they included in the Constitution a means by which the...

Pulling the Constitution’s Emergency Cord

The following excerpt is from an op-ed written by Mark Alspaugh, the Arkansas State Director for the Convention of States Project. Click here to read the entirety of this fantastic article. Article V of the Constitution provides a state-led way for “we the...
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