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Bailouts for Obamacare?

It’s amazing how far the federal government will go to stay in control.

The Obamacare exchanges are failing. Insurers are losing money, and many of them have stopped participating. The Affordable Care Act is looking less and less likely to survive the next few years. A businessperson would absorb the loss, learn from his mistakes, and move on.

But not the feds. The Washington Free Beacon reported yesterday that the Obama Administration is looking to bail out insurance companies that failed on the healthcare exchanges. Republicans in Congress have opposed the idea, but, given this administration’s history of bailouts, it’s unclear whether or not they’ll succeed.

So, to review: taxpayer dollars were wasted implementing Obamacare. They were wasted on a failed website, and they’re being wasted on fraudulent subsidy claims. And now it looks like even more money will be spent bailing out a program many Americans didn’t even want. All this, just so the federal government can maintain control of the healthcare system.

Enough is enough. As Ronald Reagan famously said, “Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.” Fortunately, an Article V Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that force the feds back where they belong: out of the daily lives of the American people. These amendments can clarify the portions of the Constitution that have been warped to empower the federal government, restoring power to the states and the people.

For examples of these amendments, check out the proposals passed by the recent Simulated Convention of States.