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Article V: The Alternative to Impeachment


Rush Limbaugh discussed the benefits of an Article V convention on his radio program on August 6th, reminding the federal government that the power is in the hands of the people and the states.

“The people that founded this country, by virtue of what they were doing, believed that corruption of people in powerful places was going to happen,” explained Limbaugh. “They wrote of the importance of character and honor in powerful executives and elected officials, but they knew what human nature was.”

“The administration is behaving like a totalitarian state by locking out the press, issuing unlawful executive orders, refusing to protect America’s borders, and targeting conservative speech through the IRS,” says Mark Meckler, co-founder the Convention of States Project. “Obviously, following the law is not the top priority of the president, which means the only way to stop him is through the people in the states, as Article V demands.”

Over six thousand people agree.  The Convention of States Project summer petition drive sends petitions to state legislators through Constitution Day, September 17, 2014.  It can be found at

Currently, the Convention of States Project has state leadership teams in 43 states currently with Article V applications that have passed this year in Georgia, Florida and Alaska. The most recent state to file their Article V application is New Jersey with at least 20 more states planning to file in 2015.

Join the movement by clicking here.