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Article V allows the states to throw off federal mandates

The following was originally published on Michael Farris's Facebook page.

Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma, has issued an order to her agencies to curtail spending. For this she is to be commended.

One item in her order caught my attention. She ordered a halt to all non-essential out of state travel at tax payer expense.

Here is her language:

"Essential travel is limited to trips that are critical to core state agency functions, maintain professional accreditation unavailable in Oklahoma, are required by the federal government or are necessary to secure or maintain federal funding."

Notice the two mentions of federal power. The federal government is dictating many state functions. This is done through a misuse of the General Welfare Clause.

A Convention of States will stop all of this. It will stop the Feds from taxing us for non-enumerated purposes. It will stop the coercion of the states through the soft bribery system that is in place.

In short, the state governments will once again listen only to the voters of their own states and not the federal government on all of this class of issues.

This is not just some finicky preference for states over the Feds. If we don't want our nation to go broke and if we don't want our freedom crushed, then regaining control of the money and decision making is essential.

The Feds can't run a centralized government any better than the Soviet Union. It is time to stop them.

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