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Answering anti-Article V arguments in 1 easy step

We've all been there. It's 10:30 p.m., and someone on Facebook is repeating nonsense about a "runaway convention" and "George Soros."

You know they're mistaken, but you're not sure how to respond. Here's what you can do.

We've published a page on the website called Responses to Convention of States Opposition, which you can find under the "Learn" tab.

This page includes links to articles that answer the most oft-repeated "arguments" against the Framer's solution to federal overreach. Questions like, "Do the states really control a Convention of States?" and "Did the 1787 convention really run away?" are all answered in clear, succinct fashion. Here's a sample from the page:

Answers to Questions Posed by the John Birch Society

This article by Michael Farris directly and thoroughly responds to the 16 so-called “unanswerable” questions posed by the John Birch Society.

Is “Nullification” the Answer?

If you’ve been wondering about state nullification of federal laws, you’ll want to read this document.

What if Congress Refuses to Call an Article V Convention?

The law is clear: if 34 states apply, Congress must call a Convention of States. We explain the details in this document.

All that and more is available on the Responses to Convention of States Opposition page.

Click here to check it out!