At 15 years of age, Amelia Boland from Georgia convinced her dad, Paul, to become a District Captain with the Convention of States Project.

Amelia didn’t let her dad have all the fun!  In January, Amelia got a chance to step up at Georgia’s Senate Rules Committee hearing.  While some teenagers would shy away from public speaking,  Amelia stood with pride and determination – ready to speak about an America she hoped to see great again.

“The Convention of States gives me a future, and it gives me a hope to hold onto,”  Amelia said just after the committee hearing.  “I know if the Convention of States goes through our country isn’t completely gone.”

In fact, her testimony was so moving that Committee Chairman Jeff Mullis gave her an honorary Senator award.

The Convention of States application passed that committee hearing with a 15 to 3 vote in favor of Convention of States.  While this win can be attributed to many factors,  Amelia Boland’s young voice was crucial to swaying the attitude of both the senators and bystanders.  It’s encouraging to see that even the young of this nation are striving to make a difference in America today.

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About The Author

Anne Reiner

Anne Reiner is the Administrative Support Manager for the Convention of State Project. Reiner graduated magna cum laude from Geneva College with a degree in Journalism. While at Geneva she interned in Washington, D.C., spent a semester studying abroad in Rome, Italy, and graduated from the World Journalism Institute in New York City. She has a passion for writing and has freelanced for World Magazine and World on Campus during her college years. Reiner grew up in the little town of Trout Run, near Williamsport, Pennsylvania.