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With less than a week before the election, Americans still can't see candidates' positions clearly

The election is officially less than a week away, and the American people still can’t get a clear picture of the two main candidates.

Clinton is mired in a renewed FBI investigation, and it seems only a matter of time before the media releases new revelations about Trump.

To make matters worse, a recent poll from Gallup found that less than half of Americans feel the candidates are talking about issues that actually matter. That number is down sharply from the nine previous months, represents the lowest percentage since 1992, and is the first time less than half of Americans felt the candidates aren’t addressing issues they really care about. 

The same could be said for the federal government as a whole. For years, Washington, D.C., has ignored the will of the people and refused to address the issues they really care about. Whether it’s the economy, immigration, the national debt, term limits, or balancing the budget, our federal officials seem incapable of solving the problems We the People are concerned about.

The Founders designed an Article V Convention of States to address exactly this scenario. A Convention of States gives the states and the people the power to propose constitutional amendments when the federal government refuses to take action. These amendments can address issues like the national debt and term limits, and they can limit the power of the Supreme Court and federal bureaucracies.

It isn’t clear that either candidate, once they gain the White House, will begin reforms in these crucial areas. Fortunately, We the People don’t have to rely on the fickleness of Presidents or Congressmen -- we can take matters into our own hands with an Article V Convention of States.