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How Americans are reacting to Trump, Clinton record unfavorability ratings

The media is making much of Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s unfavorability ratings, which both hit record highs this week for presidential candidates from the last ten election cycles. But in all the mayhem, few are talking about the federal officials currently in office -- or their dismal approval ratings.

As recently as 2014, Congress’ approval rating hit an all-time low, and their job performance hasn’t improved much since then. The President has been faring better of late, but he’s always had difficulty raising his highest approval ratings even to those of his predecessor, who was by no means the most beloved president.

With the future looking dismal and the present even worse, the American people are doing what they've always done: they're fighting towards a solution. And only a Convention of States provides a solution as big as the problems facing our nation.

A Convention of States allows We the People to take the future into their own hands. Delegates to a Convention can propose constitutional amendments that restore the rightful decision-making authority to the states and the people. Hundreds of thousands of dedicated American patriots have joined the Article V movement, and hundreds more join every day.

As long as the federal government possesses the power they currently possess, they will not be able to appease the American people. The federal government cannot make good decisions for the millions of diverse communities around the country. Only the states and local communities can make those decisions, and after a Convention of States that’s exactly what they’ll be empowered to do.