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America needs true leadership

Now more than ever, America needs true leadership. Men and women who are willing to stand in the gap and stop the rampant abuse of power by the federal government.

But we're not talking about a new President, different Congressmen, or additional Supreme Court Justices.

We're talking about you.

America needs men and women -- true patriots -- who can galvanize their families, their neighborhoods, their communities, and their states to support the Founder's solution to federal overreach: Article V.

The success of the Convention of States Project depends on strong leadership on the state and local level. There are multiple leadership positions in each state, depending on your desired time commitment and leadership skills:

  • State Leaders build a viable grassroots operation in their state. These positions include State Director, Legislative Liaison, Coalitions Director, State Information Analyst, and State Media Liaison.

  • District Captains recruit at least 100 people in each district to contact their state legislators to support a convention of states, and turn out at least 25 citizen activists per district at legislative hearings.

More information on each position can be found on this page.

We don't need more politicians. We need more engaged American citizens, passionate about putting their country back on track and committed to telling everyone they know about the best solution to federal overreach.

Click here to apply.

More information about our plan to restore constitutional self-governance through a Convention of States can be found on our Strategy page.