The good news keeps rolling in.

The Alaska House passed the Convention of States application on March 12 by a vote of 24-13.

Thanks to everyone in Alaska who wrote an email or made a call.  Our team in Alaska has done a fantastic job, and we’re proud to work with such amazing patriots.  (If you haven’t joined the team in your state, you can do so by signing up in the Action Center.)

But we’re not quite finished in Alaska, and you can do three things to help complete the process.

First, you can contact the members of the Senate Rules Committee and voice your support for SJR 18. The rules committee will be voting on our application in the upcoming weeks, and we must pass this committee before moving on to the Senate as a whole. You can find the rules committee members’ contact information on this page.

Second, you can contact your state senator and encourage him or her to vote for SJR 18. This webpage allows you to find your senator’s contact information.  You can give your senator a call or write them a quick note like the one below.

Dear Senator [Last Name],

Please consider voting for SJR 18 to call a Convention of States. The Alaska House already passed the COS application, and I believe this is the last, best chance to preserve liberty in this nation and force Congress to be fiscally responsible. The Founders gave the states Article V for such a time as this—it is our duty to use it.

Your vote can bring us one step closer to ensuring the preservation of liberty in this country.


[Your Name]

Finally, you can forward this email to your friends and family, encouraging them to lend their support.

Your hard work made the difference yesterday, and we can do the same thing in the senate!  You call or letter can tip the balance in our favor, so pick up the phone today.

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