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A letter from a Patriot abroad

This week the Convention of States Project received an incredibly inspiring letter from an American living abroad in Australia. Peter’s email is another reminder as to why each of us is engaged in an epic “battle of the ages” for the very heart and soul of the American Republic.

The fact remains that both political parties have made the nation weaker on a variety of levels, as Peter points out. The slow, methodical plot by progressives on both sides of the aisle for the past hundred years has brought America to her knees. Are citizens’ liberty muscles so weak that we now do not have the physical, mental and intellectual fortitude to fight the battle before us? I don’t think so.

Millions of Americans – common sense, grassroots, self-governance activists – have been arming themselves with the most important weapon available to them: knowledge of the Constitution. For many of us, we became hyper-engaged seven years ago with the birth of the Tea Party and ever since millions of us have been reading and re-reading the Constitution, studying history, educating ourselves in facts, informing each other of the Capitol Hill bait-and-switch, and carrying that Constitution in our pockets, purses and briefcases.

Thomas Jefferson said, "An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people."

Peter’s Letter from Australia:

“I am inspired to support you folks because I am an American citizen who has worked and lived abroad for over half of my life. A citizen abroad can have a perspective on the place of the US in the world, which is not visible to those of us who do not have that exposure. I support your efforts because my country has developed into a place I do not recognise any more. It is not the nation in which I grew up.”

“America has been massively damaged over the years, and, particularly over the past seven years. We are now a nation that has been profoundly weakened economically, militarily and morally by a federal government that has strayed way beyond its constitutional limits…and if this situation is not reversed quickly, the US will not be the premier nation…the one indisputable super power, which is absolutely essential for any semblance of world peace.”

“I mentioned the unique perspective a citizen living abroad grows to have about America…particularly a citizen living in another Western democracy. What you grow to understand quite quickly is, that if America ceases to be that one unique indisputable super power, a nation that by its very presence does not deter nations that would do us and the world harm….if America cannot be relied upon, it is the beginning of the end for Western democracies all over this world…and that is the situation we are facing at this moment if America does not change back to a constitutional republic.

“Only by forcing the federal government out of its un-constitutional activities (health, education, welfare etc.) will it be able to adequately manage the constitutional responsibilities it is required to deal with for and on the behalf of us all.”

“I wish you all great success in this mission you have undertaken!”

Regards, Peter