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February is almost here, and that means round two of the $7500 COS Project Scholarship Contest is about to begin!

We want to give you a chance to start working on those projects, so here’s the genre for February: Historical.  Include anything from history in your video or graphic—and we mean anything.  American history is great, but don’t feel constrained to this side of the pond… 

What if William Wallace had the option to call a Convention of States?  (Less blue face paint, just as much FREEEDOOOMM!!!)

What would the current relationship between the federal and state governments look like in German barbarian tribes?  (Big clubs vs. little clubs?)

What if Congress had led Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition?  (Shorter, colder, less successful.)

These are only a few of the our ideas, and we’re excited to see yours!  Just remember to include some element of history in your video or graphic as well as two of the other elements described on the official rules page.

But wait!  There’s still time to submit an entry for the January contest!  Remember, we’re offering two prizes each month—the Viral Award and the Staff Choice Award.  So even if you don’t have time to garner enough votes for the Viral Award, you can still win the Staff Choice Award (and a cool $250).

The COS Project Scholarship Contest gives you a chance to earn money for school and help preserve liberty in America.  We’ve received some fantastic submissions already, but we know there are thousands of talented young people across the country.  We look forward to seeing your submissions!

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