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3 excellent op-eds supporting a Convention of States

An opinion or editorial piece is a great tool to spread the word about the Convention of States Project and answer any objections to the Article V process.

We've selected three excellent examples to inspire you to write your own!

1. Exercising our constitutional rights by John Aukerman

In clear, succinct fashion, this piece explains the problem with the federal government and why a Convention of States offers a solution.

2. Government Proposes New Taxes Again, Stealing From The Poor… Again by Richard Gates

This article focuses on the need for tax reform, and why a Convention of States can help accomplish that goal.

3. Answering Article V Convention Critics by Thad Hunter

This pieces simply lays out common objections to a Convention of States and answers them clearly and convincingly.

Thanks to all who have written or will write an opinion piece in favor of the Convention of States Project. We appreciate your support and thank you for the time and effort you spend writing.

If you'd like to write your own piece, check out the examples above, find a laptop, and type it out! If you'd like someone to review your piece, feel free to email it to