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There are three kinds of people. One spots injustice and turns his head. The second feels discomfort and complains. The third recognizes danger and reaches for his sword.

Today, one hundred and thirty-five Americans have laid it all on the line. They recognized danger and picked up their swords to defend the rights of their children, grandchildren, and fellow Americans.

Before beginning to lead the charge in her home state of New York, one volunteer wrote to us, “It seems we all complain about the corruption in our Government, but so few are willing to actually do something about it. Convention of States is the first group I have seen that has a strategic plan based on Article V. My state does not have a director yet, so if that is what we need to get going, I will do that, or whatever I can.”

Over one hundred and thirty Americans are standing up for future generations. They represent over 30 states and four volunteer positions:

State Directors: 25

Coalitions Directors: 16

Legislative Liaisons: 11

District Captains: 80 +

Years from now, these men and women will be able to look their grandchildren in the eyes and explain how they fought against all threats, foreign and domestic, to protect their freedom. A volunteer from Missouri put it this way: “I have children and grandchildren, and I believe this may be our last chance to preserve our great nation for future generations. This process was provided by great men, I suspect, in hope that it might not have to be used. But use it, promote it, put our efforts in it we must, or bear the weight of knowing that there was a solution… there was a way out of this quagmire… and we never took it.”

Today, you stand at a crossroads and must decide. What kind of person are you?

A Texan volunteer answered that question for herself: “The time is now. If not me, then who?”

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