Though it will come as no surprise to anyone who has balanced a checkbook, a recent Heritage Foundation study concluded that cutting the budget would help grow the economy.

For the first time in four years, members of the House and the Senate have convened a budget conference to work out a budget plan for 2014.  During the conference, Heritage says, “lawmakers should focus on reducing federal spending.”

The study continues,

“Putting the budget on a path to balance with spending cuts would spur economic growth by reducing uncertainty and freeing up resources for investment and job creation.  As the European crisis demonstrates, the option of making gradual changes will expire, and Americans and the U.S. economy will suffer a self-inflicted wound from unavoidable austerity measures if lawmakers continue to procrastinate the inevitable.”

Unfortunately, “despite a broad consensus that the U.S. fiscal path is unsustainable without significant reductions in spending—especially in the growing spending on entitlements—many policymakers are hesitant to embrace large-scale budget cuts for fear of slowing the economy.”

Why else might they be hesitant?  We know the answer to that: Washington will never limit Washington.  Congressmen will never risk losing power.  They will never cut the budget enough to save America from the upcoming fiscal disaster.

But the people can.  Through a Convention of States, the people can force the federal government to balance the budget and save their country from the inevitable economic crisis.

The path we’re on is dangerous, but we can reverse course with your help!  Sign up for the Convention of States Project today.

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