Ultimately, the success of an Article V convention depends on the citizens of the United States. Volunteers will be the engine that drives this project. If Americans are willing to sacrifice their time and energy, there is still a chance to halt the tyrannical abuses of the federal government.

Interested individuals are encouraged to join our growing grassroots movement by signing up for a leadership position or a non-leadership position. There, individuals can pledge to contact their legislators and will be notified when important volunteer opportunities arise. These opportunities include: 

  1. Volunteering to contact your legislators to support a Convention of the States
  2. Volunteering to attend a legislative hearing to support a Convention of the States
  3. Agreeing to volunteer for the next campaign for a legislator/candidate who supports a Convention of the States
  4. Donating to candidates/legislators who support a Convention of the States
  5. Donating to CSG to support this project

For those interested in doing more, Convention of States will soon open the application process for leadership positions across the country. Consider applying to be a District Captain, Legislative Liaison, or State Director, and check back for updates on the Take Action page.

The Founders gave us the tools to curb the federal abuse of power. It’s time we stand up and use them to preserve liberty—not only for ourselves but for posterity.

Spread the word and encourage friends to join the movement today!

Ways You Can Help in Forming a Convention of States